Services/ Facilities

1. Issue & return of books:

Issue and return of books is done between 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

Books are issued for 2 weeks for students. It is advised not to keep the books beyond due date to avoid overdue fines.

2. Online Catalogue:

Online catalogue is prepared with the help of SOUL software. Searching  this is very fast and can meet various approaches of the users.

Reading room with e-reading facility

3. Internet:

Library has an internet connectivity of 1 Gbps speed, under NME ICT scheme.

 Internet facility is provided free, basically to access more than 8500+ e-journals made available to our university under e-library consortium  through INFLIBNET.

 Wi-fi facility is available in library and its periphery.

                                    4. Encyclopedia, Annual reviews & Advances:

                                      More than 100 World's most important encyclopedias and 23 Annual reviews & Advances of last many

                                       years are available in library.

                                     5. Reprographic  Services.

                                     6.Scanning Facililty.

                                     7.Facility for visualy impaired students.

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